Unsupported value line argument format.

Dec 21, 2012 at 6:23 AM


I downloaded the setup and running the application using following command line

OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:"\\\Share_AK" site:http://sp2010vm1:37686/sites/MyRecordCenter/ -documentlibrary:AKTestDocLib

I am getting following errror, please let me know If I am missing anything. I tested I have the full access of shared folder and as well as on site also.

2012-12-21 11:46:05,111 ERROR System.ArgumentException: Unsupported  value line argument format.
Parameter name: site:http://sp2010vm1:37686/sites/MyRecordCenter
   at OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.CommandLineParsing.CommandLineDictionary.AddArgument(String argument)
   at OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.CommandLineParsing.CommandLineDictionary.FromArguments(IEnumerable`1 arguments, Char keyCharacter, Char valueCharacter)
   at OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.CommandLineParsing.CommandLineParser.ParseArguments(Object valueToPopulate, IEnumerable`1 args, Char keyCharacter, Char valueCharacter)
   at OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.CommandLine.Program.GetSettings(IEnumerable`1 args)
2012-12-21 11:46:05,131 ERROR documentlibrary is required
2012-12-21 11:46:05,131 ERROR site url is required
2012-12-21 11:46:05,132 ERROR folder is required
2012-12-21 11:46:05,142 ERROR Settings are not valid, Import aborted.